Windows XP Service Pack (IT Pros and Developers) 2

Upgrades XP to address security flaws and fine tune performance

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It has long been a point of pride for Windows users that they could choose from different operating systems with the confidence that support from Windows--sometimes from other enthusiastic users--would allow an older operating system to be compatible with newer software and hardware. Many users were not thrilled with the latest functions and maneuverability in Windows 8, the latest Windows OS, and such service packs keeps options open to all users. With Windows XP Service Pack, those same users can continue to work with an operating system they feel comfortable with without having to be compelled to upgrading to an OS they feel falls short of their needs.


The Windows XP Service Pack comes with full support and patches for all features released in previous service packs as well as those released with the original Windows XP. Each service pack is designed to patch existing features as well as introduce new ones. The latest Windows XP Service Pack only touches up on smaller functionalities of the existing operating system, a testament to just how much Microsoft has invested in supporting Windows XP. While this latest installment may not enhance the experience of the operating system much, there is a great deal of support for wireless Internet connection and security and an update for the Microsoft Management Console.

A brand new feature in the latest Windows XP Service Pack is the health check feature. Health Checking has been a staple in Windows operating systems since Windows Server 2008. This feature allows users to check on upgrades, security features, and allowed permissions of certain programs cleared to work on Windows XP before logging on to any network.


Convenience has long been an attractive feature of all Windows-based operating systems. Windows XP Service Packs upholds that long tradition with its users. Not only does this pack of updates and new features install seamlessly to an existing copy of the operating system, and functions with all XP-ready programs, it is also applicable to any and all operating systems across the XP spectrum: Windows XP, Home Edition, Media Center Edition, Professional Edition, Professional N, Starter Edition, Tablet Edition. Windows XP Service Packs are also integrated with all previous Windows XP Service Packs.


  • Wifi connectivity and security is better supported
  • Console management comes standard
  • Fully integrates with all Windows XP editions
  • Supports previous service packs without forcing an uninstall


  • No major improvements over the original Windows XP operating System

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